Why Can't I Smell My Essential Oil Anymore?

Sharon Brown

The other day I received a message from a customer saying that she felt her Essential Oil Diffuser Blend wasn’t smelling as strong as she was hoping it would; that the scent of the Diffuser Blend doesn’t appear to last very long and in fact, sometimes she couldn’t smell it at all!  

There is a quite simple explanation for this misconception.

When you have your Pure Essential Oils in a diffuser your nose will recognise that there is a scent straight away, but after a little while, usually about an hour, it goes through what is called Olfactory Adaption. Your brain goes, ‘I know that smell’ and then shuts off to it leaving space and the ability to pick up other new smells.

This can be highlighted when you wear perfume or after shave, you won’t notice/recognize the aroma of it after a while and then someone else will notice and comment on it, because they are smelling it for the first time in that moment.

I diffuse essential oils all day, every day and after a while I won’t even notice the scent of what I have in the diffuser anymore and then a visitor will come into my place and make a comment on how beautiful my place smells!  

Some other considerations is that the area you have your diffuser situated in, is quite large an open space, which could result in you ‘losing; the scent faster than you would in a smaller closed off room such as a child’s bedroom.

You can keep the scent a bit longer by using your Essential Oils in a diffuser than in sprays as the diffuser keeps the Essential Oil molecules in its original form.

Another consideration is many people have been used to diffusing ‘fragrant oils’ instead of Pure Essential Oils.  Fragrant oils are incredibly strong in smell but is a chemical synthetic with no therapeutic benefits whatsoever!

The wonderful news is, that even though you may not be able to smell your Essential Oil after a little time, you shall still be getting the amazing therapeutic benefits of the blend you have selected for you and your loved ones. So, keep on enjoying the incredible power of plants through Pure Essential Oils.