our story

My training in essential oils began way back in 1995. Even as young adult I had an interest in nature and complimentary medicine and how they could both be used to assist in healing. 

By 1996, I was awarded a Certificate IV in Clinical Aromatherapy and with a passion for sharing my knowledge and desire to improve people’s wellbeing, I launched my first aromatherapy clinic in a medical centre in 1997. There I treated people with a wide range of ailments, making tailored blends and creating my own range of 160 essential oil products.

It became obvious I was ahead of my time and even though brilliant at my craft, I could see essential oils were not popular. Many saw aromatherapy as 'new age' and with a heavy heart, I moved into something more mainstream.

. . . . . . .

Fast forward to 2016, I noticed time was finally catching onto the benefits of aromatherapy and there was a huge resurgence in essential oil use. I couldn't wait to take my love of oils off the back burner and began researching ways to pivot my career back into the wonderful world of aromatherapy.

My researched revealed there were companies using untrained staff who knew nothing about contraindications, recommendations or their safe use to sell essential oils. I heard of people ingesting essential oils on 'good' advise and shuddered at the excessively high prices being charged.

All these things factored together and by mid-2019 I back in the business of essential oils. Essential Oil Diffuser Blends and Single Essential Oils 2.0 was back!

A few months later, I was commissioned to create a signature scent for a company with over 30 outlets. They were looking to extend their identity by infusing scent memory into their brand... and the rest, as they say, is history. Not only did my client have an exclusive tailored blend to excite everyone's olfactory memory, I had a business name worth bottling and Signature Scents Essential Oils was open for business.

Cutting out the ‘uplines and downlines’ at Signature Scents Essentials Oils, has allowed me to pass the savings on to my customers and by implementing small batch bottling, a high level of quality control is maintained over the entire product range.

Signature Scents Essential Oils bespoke blends are being used in offices, gyms and salons. The 100% Pure Essential Oils and Diffuser Blend product range is making a positive difference in the health and wellbeing of my clients and I am back doing what I love.

2021 saw Signature Scents Essential Oils awarded, Finalist at the Joondalup Business Association Awards in both Innovation/Innovator of the Year and Best Home-Based Business categories. A testament to the dedication and hard work with a significant milestone in our history.

Thank you for joining us for the next chapter of Signature Scents Essential Oils...