LAVENDER Essential Oil 15ml

(Lavendula angustifolia)

100% Pure Lavender Essential Oil is beneficial for scars, burns, skin conditions, bites, stings, sunburn, respiratory, headaches, emotional, high blood pressure and insomnia.

AROMA DESCRIPTION: Herbaceous, floral.

USES: Neat ~ Diffuser ~ Vaporizer ~ Bath ~ Steam Inhalation ~ Blend in Oil/Cream/Spray ~ Compress.

PLANT PART USED: Flower Heads and Steam Distilled

CAUTIONS: Avoid during 1st trimester of pregnancy, very low blood pressure, contact with eyes and not to be taken orally. Keep out of reach of children. Store away from direct sunlight and below 30 degrees.

BOTTLED BY: Qualified Clinical Aromatherapist – Sharon Brown

50ml and 100ml sizes available by request.